Villa Montalvo Hiking (10/13/2012)

10/13/2012 Villa Montalvo Hiking

It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was at the comfortable 75 degree range. We had a group of 10 people gathered at Parking Lot 3 of Villa Montalvo and headed toward the lookout point. The trail was shaded by trees all the way. The air was filled with the fresh smell of autumn leaves. The trail was an easy climb and rather short. We reached the lookout point in less than 45 minutes.

At the lookout point with Larry’s binocular we found the Moffet Field (with a large airplane parked aside), downtown San Jose in a bit haze air, HP complex, etc. Sharing the fruit and laugh we enjoyed casual chatting with each other.

We headed down to the parking lot by taking a longer trail, but it still just took us 30 minutes. Most members did not have chance to wonder around Villa Montalvo in the past. So we walked to the garden in front of the Villa. The garden was a pleasant surprise for many of us. We took many pictures to capture some of its tranquility and nice sculptures.

We ended the hike with a lunch at Fatima Restaurant in Cupertino. The food was very good and we probably regain all the body fat we burned in the morning. We treasure the conversation and fun making on each other the most.

We all like the experience and our resolution is to make hiking a regular weekly activity – casual and exploratory without serious preparation. We will go as long as there are some members show up in the Saturday morning. The next destination will Castle Rock State Park on 10/20/2012. See you there!